Adidas unveils the aerodynamically-sound Brazuca soccer ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Are you looking for something to kick around? Stop staring at your younger sibling and get a hold of this. Called the Brazuca, this technologically-advanced soccer ball was carefully developed and crafted into being by one of the largest sporting brands on earth, Adidas. So what’s so special about a soccer ball that’s pretty much similar to the one you’ve been kicking around the playground all along? According to Adidas, this is the “most round” ball ever created by the brand that uses six identical locking patterns, as opposed to the conventional 32 black and white hexagonal pieces used. Also, this ball will be used for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil, making it a pretty special piece of sporting technology.

The ball developed for the previous World Cup by Adidas, called the Jabulani, attracted quite a lot of flak from players, given the fact that the ball wasn’t aerodynamically sound. NASA confirmed this too. that, however, didn’t stop the ball from touching the $1 billion mark in sales. Given the fact that the Jabulani’s successor, the Brazuca, is a lot more technologically advanced, we expect soccer players and fans world over to favor this one quite as well! The Brazuca ball will be on sale for $160.

[Via - Wired]