Akihabara game store (Video)

In this Retronauts episode, the crew visits Akihabara, Japan and tours a video game store called Super Potato, in which they find tons of retro games in excellent condition, but again good things come for a price.



  1. Kotaku says:

    Clip: Shopping Akihabara’s Nintendo Haven

    The Retronauts (1Up’s Jeremy Parish and Wired’s Chris Kohler) descend on Ninten-centric retailer Super Potato and go game shopping. Setting’s perfect for Kohler and Parish to totally geek out and try to make some money in the process. Brian…

  2. Steven Rockoff says:

    I was at Super Potato last, last week. It’s weird seeing it like this.

  3. jeremiah johnson says:

    so do they speak english in addition to japanese in this gamer-town, or must one hire/bring a translator?