Australian website imposes tax on IE 7 users

An online retailer from Australia ‘Kogan’ has had it with Internet Explorer 7. Anyone who visits the website using IE 7 will be charged an additional 6.8% tax (IE tax) on purchases. Interestingly that figure is derived as 0.1% for each month since the browser was released. Visitors using the dated browser are greeted with a pop up which says install a better browser or pay the tax.

[Kogan via Lifehacker – Thanks Takumi San]


  1. Nicholas Criss says:

    Interesting that they don’t include an option to download latest IE with all the other options…

    1. Not says:

      Not interesting at all.  Why would you list the worst browser when you can provide all the much better options?

  2. The greatest single idea EVER. I’ve developed websites for over 15 years, it’s about time someone found out how to fix IE. Charge users for using it. 

    1. Dhiram says:

      IE or Microsoft cannot be blamed. It is an obsolete version which is still used by many users. A novel way to attract attention I must say. Now the world knows what Kogan is.

  3. P.D.Harrington says:

    If I was visiting a store that wanted to charge me extra for the footwear I whore to walk to there shop, I would leave and spend elsewhere, I understand this was great publicity and a deffinate statement with reguards to the oppinions of this individual but It might be counter productive to bussiness if the real intent of this website is to sell product and there is no compensation from the developers of recomended browsers??? Sure IE Sucks, but Realy? Who asked this guy?