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Brookstone Sona pillow has an anti-snore design

by Dhiram Shah

Sleep doesn’t come easy to most of us, pressure and tension is a part of it, but our blissfully snoring partner is a major chunk of the reason. Help comes in the form of the Brookstone Sona pillow that helps to alleviate snoring. According to the store the simple secret behind the anti-snore pillow is the design based on a research that suggests, “Side sleepers snore less, breathe better!” and as they go on to explain -“1) Place your arm in either the right or left pillow sleeve. 2) The SONA Pillow promotes comfortable side sleeping—positioning your jaw slightly forward and helping keep your airway open.” It’s totally your call whether you’re buying this theory, but we think a bit of yoga and relaxed mind should help.

The Brookstone Sona pillow burns a hole at $99 for a few winks of sleep!
Via – Gizmodiva