Why can Businesses not Ignore Social Media Marketing in 2017?

by dhiram

The sudden shift of customer preferences has contributed to a rise in e-commerce websites and online stores. Businesses today, thrive on the virtual network expanding their enterprise on a global scale by adopting unique and revolutionary marketing strategies. One such budding promotional technique is social media marketing. Social media is no longer confined to making friends and sharing your photos on a public platform.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now offer entrepreneurs lucrative opportunities for content promotion and profit maximization. Discussed below are the reasons why social media marketing has become an integral part of any advertising campaign.

Better Exposure
Owing to the sudden increase in the use of high-tech gadgets and electronics, it will not be a surprise if we see more than half the population today is on the virtual platform. Websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter have become our hangout spots, platforms where we can share every mundane detail of our lives and connect with people from around the world. Therefore it is only obvious that businessmen would want to switch over to the social media sites in order to expand their organization and gather a wider viewer base. Social media sites offer a plethora of opportunities for business expansion and global exposure.

Faster Feedback
It is tough to establish smooth and transparent communication channels with your consumers in a standard business setup. Being active on popular social media platforms also gives you a better communication channel to interact with your audience and get their honest feedback. Live chats, emails, video chats, comments and private messages are among the few media through which users can contact your company and put forth their queries and suggestion. Also, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer real-time feedback, a feature that helps you strengthen customer relations effectively.

Brand Recognition
Building a good reputation is among the most primary concerns of growing business. In a typical, conventional market setup, it usually takes years to establish brand loyalty and goodwill in the hearts of your consumer. The online platform, however, works faster than that. Social media marketing strategies include regular posts and pictures, communicating with your customers and establishing a solid web presence in the market. The biggest advantage of social media marketing is instant brand recognition. The aggressive marketing campaigns, online contests encourage active participation of the audience thereby building a loyal following.

Lead Generation
About 90% of the entrepreneurs have shifted to the virtual platform like Cloud and are using social media for running their marketing campaigns. Lead generation is an important aspect of any practical promotional plan. Advertising your content on social media boosts the lead generation process as your posts are now visible and accessible to a wide number of users spread all over the world. The market surveys reveal how B2B entrepreneurs are most likely to benefit from social media campaigns than their traditional advertising strategies. Also switching over to a social network reduces your marketing costs by almost 46%.

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Increased Traffic
Thanks to social media networks, people are flocking to the virtual platform. Traffic generation is never an issue for an entrepreneur. Channelizing the audience towards your content, on the other hand, is a whole new issue. With the new and improved social media marketing strategies, companies can now establish a robust web presence and attract more viewers. The social marketing strategies also offer extensive information about customer tastes and preferences. Studies and surveys have stated how 65% of marketers use social media to gain market insights. Those spending 6-10 hours per week were most likely to get valuable market information and boost their sales by almost 50%.

Improved SEO Ranking
Establishing a solid web presence involves getting more hits and comments on the posts and pictures you post online. The smart way to go about is by creating SEO approved content. SEO or search engine optimization ensures that your posts do not get lost in the sea of similar websites and content online.

Social media marketing is a good way to improve your SEO ranking, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook offer users many features and tools that gather the topics trending in the industry. Also, browsers and search engines like Google and Bing have a leaning towards the known social media platforms thereby enhancing your chances of visibility online.

The bottom line
Gone are the days when social media was just confined to finding old friends and colleagues. Today, the platform offers a lot of commercial advantages that can boost your online venture considerably. Consumers live in a persistent world of connectivity, and social media offers you just that. The vast web of the network provides not only lucrative expansion opportunities but also a golden chance at establishing excellent customer relations and brand loyalty.