Casio Exilim W53CA

by Dhiram Shah

KDDI Japan has added a ton of new phones to its portfolio, we will be covering the best ones this week. We start off with the Exilim W53CA, Casio’s premium cameraphone named after the company’s Exilim range of digital cameras. It’s 5 Megapixel camera runs on the Exilim mobile engine for superior images and with anti shake technology, color correction, 9 point auto focussing, high speed shutter and a 28mm lens which will give make sure you never carry your digital camera along. The 2.8 inch internal LCD display supports a whopping resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Unfortunately it lacks the much needed external display. The W53CA comes with Micro SD card slot for memory expansion (upto 2GB), MP3 player, Dictionary, E-mail client and IR Simple (a fast version of Infrared).

Needless to say it is a Japan only product, the Casio Exilim W53CA will be available in white, black and red color.


  1. 5 Megapixels en teléfonos cada día más cerca

    Hace casi un año cuando el Nokia N95 recien empezaba a rumorearse pensar en teléfonos con cámara de 5 megapixels era casi ridículo, o los precios eran caros y se pensaba que iban a ser inaccesibles; pero parece que las…

  2. ElderOp

    Sure would like to see this come to the US from AT&T/Cingular… I know… Dream on… lol

  3. Dee the Man

    Hi all. I’ve got the new W53CA (I live in Tokyo). Its an OK unit but…
    There isn’t any English manuals to go with it, and probably never will be. The unit is too complex to figure out all of its features without it, so you’re going to need a friend that can read Japanese to help you.
    I does not play mp3 audio files! Only kmf format (ugh!), and you have to use their (au) Lismo Music Port software to load the music files into the unit (again, only Japanese Win XP OS can be used for this).
    It has no extrnal display.
    Its e-mail client is a little funky when entering in ABC mode.
    It uses the “Micro” SD card, which is still a little pricy. Its good for storing pictures though.
    I haven’t figured out how to use the dictionary yet (its all in Japanese).
    The internet browser is a wasted feature on a cell phone (IMHO).
    It takes good pictures! It even has a neat little LED flash!!!

  4. bluboi

    But I’m wondering how much you paid for it and where did you purchase it. Is it only “an OK unit” because you don’t read Japanese or what’s da deal?

  5. Ape

    I got it too, I live in Tokyo as well. There is no “space” input in ABC mode, a little annoying, but I’m used to it now. I have Vista and cant use the USB at all to put any of my own music or vids on it yet, but I’m working on getting some software for that and just loading it on the 2GB card. I paid 15,000 yen for it and another 5,000yen for the mem card, about $170 total. The camera is utterly amazing. No need to bring one along any more, although it does lack an optical zoom, but hey, its a cell phone. The dictionary is English to Japanese, and Japanese Kanji to Japanese. Not useful for me. You can take a pic of a character and it will translate it through OCR, but that does me no good. I’ve downloaded a few vids from LISMO and theyre straight, but I want to put my own on there. It plays .3g2 files, I’m working on getting the settings right, I think its just a matter of time. I wish they had this thing Vista compatable. I downloaded the Vista drivers, but the software is NOT vista compatable for the sync stuff BOOO!


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