Cellebrite UME-36

by Dhiram Shah

The biggest headache when you buy a new phone is not selecting the right one, but transferring data from your old phone to the new. This is where the UME-36 comes into the picture, it is compatible with 90% of cell phones for all carriers and technologies and even supports Smartphones and PDA’s. With the touch of a button you can backup your Contacts, SMS logs, MP3, Video, Pictures, Ringtones on a Flash drive or a remote server that enables content restoration. For the retailer, automatic software updates for new handsets are available through an intelligent updater tool that resides on a central server or the store’s computer.

The Cellebrite UME-36 is powered by Windows and has the following connections 2 RJ-45 serial connections for phones; 2 USB connections for USB enabled phones; Infrared (IrDA) interface for IrDA enabled devices; Embedded Smart Card and SIM card reader; Mini SD (secure digital) card reader embedded; Mini USB interface for connection to PC; and Ethernet/Internet port.
Via – TheRawFeed