DoCoMo’s new smartphone stops you from texting while walking

Till the time regulatory authorities don’t set in stern guidelines, companies hardly launch products that are meant to be in the interest of people but aren’t necessarily popular. But Japanese cell phone provider DoCoMo has released a new type of Android smartphone that has special sense of responsibility. The smartphone has a ‘safety mode’ that detects if the user is trying to text while walking and locks the phone. There has been a steady rise in such freak accidents where people have got into an unforeseen incident while texting and this kind of a feature should be really helpful.

Though information on this new move by DoCoMo is scanty, but all we know that the smartphone detects if the person is walking and flashes a warning message. Once the user stops walking, the message automatically disappears, but for those who want to continue texting while walking, there’s a close button that’ll override the feature. There’s no clarity if the feature locks other apps running in the background or not. At the moment, it’ll be available for free and only as a voluntary option.

[Via – Cnet]