Elijah Wood Limited Edition Grado headphones are built from whiskey barrels

Grado has partnered with Bushmills Whiskey to roll out a unique limited edition headphones which are made using components of real whiskey barrels. These are designed by actor Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, who, together perform as DJ Wooden Wisdom. It took them five months to put the design in place and roll out these beauties. For those who are curious of how exactly this could be possible, the headphones are crafted from “recycled white oak bodies from the wood of old barrels” hailing from a Bushmills distillery in Ireland. “The expression of the music through the headphones was extraordinary,” says Elijah Wood.

Limited Edition Gradp Headphones will be retailed by Turntable Lab for $395. The headphone design hints at the earliest versions of the company’s headphones, which could now be perceived as old school by some, or even bulky, by others. Orders can be placed right away, so hurry up before they pour out!

[Available at Turntablelab Via Theverge]