European Space Agency cooking up French fries on Jupiter!

Yes, the headline pretty much got you thinking in the typical, ‘what the’ mode. But when you talk about going out and creating food in space, especially fried food, you know that there is a definite purpose to it. The European Space Agency is out there, giving it their all to determine what it would take to cook some French fries on Jupiter. The benefit of the activity being, astronauts cooking their own food when they go camping on alien land. The gravity levels on Jupiter and other planets differ, leading to lesser frying time on planet where the pull is greater. That’s insightful an concerned cook may ask. In an experiment the team found out that the bottom later of the fries was insulated by water vapor leading to sogginess. Well, let’s hope further findings result in crispier fries.

Now the question arises, what next in space? Fancy brewing beer? Storing barrels of rum? Oh, there seems to be no end to it. Fancy a hyper-gravity scenario for baking cakes!

[Via - Sciencemag]