Google Glass update needs you to wink to capture photographs

Winking randomly and at somebody is bound to get you in trouble. But then, if you’re donning a pair of Google Glass then most things you do will be forgiven. A new update on Google Glass has ensured that you could test this theory of mine out. It enables users to capture images by merely winking! Now, Google Glass “Explorers” can wink and capture an image quicker than the conventional camera tool. What’s more is that this does not need your display to be on either. Just make sure that your right eye is well coordinated to carry out a precise shot. Users can also share captures on YouTube or through Hangouts. Making it quite a convenient to spread some instant captures. iOS users who feel they are missing out, do head after the jump.

For those looking to update on the iOS platform, the MyGlass app has already been confirmed by Google. Glass will require the XE12 update, which will also enable people to set up Glass, leverage the directions feature, add contacts and enable Glassware by next week itself.

[Via - Pocket-Lint]