Impossible Instant Lab is a throwback treat for Polaroid fans

Sometimes going retro is the new ‘in’. That’s what it seems to be like for those who may opt for the Impossible Instant Lab. This interesting contraption is capable of taking images from today’s digital era and blessing them with all the analog goodness it can manage. Its working is really simple. All you need to do is select an image on your iPhone, place it on the cradle that the lab offers and finally press ‘eject’. That’s all it takes and the magical time travel commences for your photograph. The lab takes a picture of your picture and develops it using a photochemical process. And there you have it, a tangible photograph that you could stuff into your wallet or stick up on your prison cell, depending on how you intend to immortalize it.

Much like buying something from an antique store, this interesting Impossible Instant Lab can efficiently send you back in time, where Christmas memories were best cherished on photography paper rather than on pixels. Best part? It costs $392!

[Via - The-Gadget-Flow]