Javier Laspiur’s “Controllers” photo series brings to life the evolution of video games

by Gavril Mankoo

Do you spend the best of your day staring up at your flat screen television, holding a joystick in your hand while you game away to glory? Here’s a trip down memory lane for you! Unveiled by Javier Laspiur, this series of photographs called “Controllers” is exactly what its name claims it to be. These pictures show the evolution of video game controllers, right since the Atari 2600 from the year 1978, to the extremely sleek and technologically advanced handheld portable video games we’ve been using these days. Each of the pictures has the same setup, giving you a sneak peek at what gaming evolved from over the decades.

The images released by Laspiur resemble posters with the picture of a controller in the foreground and its console in the background. Each image also sports a gray background with the manufacturer’s logo underneath and the year the game was played. The photographs are composed with heart and we were left teary eyed after looking at the first half of them. Be warned, Javier Laspiur’s “Controllers” series of pictures may make you want to reach into your attic, pull out your good old console from the years gone by and shower you with nostalgia!

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