Leaked interface image of LG’s Smart TV reminds us of Palm’s UI

Something just leaked and we’re all ear, eyes and fingers about it. The diligently rumored and stalked webOS Smart TV is al set to make an appearance at CES. However, an Engadget reader @evleaks managed to sneak out what could well be an advance view of the LG webOS-enabled Smart TV. The interface is a lot different from the smartphone adaptations we have seen in a number of Smart TVs till date. This all new look reminds us of the Cards interface that we saw in the Palm’s webOS-enabled devices. Closer inspection of the app makes it clear that with the launch of the Smart TV, we will also see the arrival of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Skype apps.

Word has it the LG have set their focus on Enyo, which is an open-source Java framework. This had been acquired by the Korean giants from HP as a part of the webOS project.

[Via - Engadget]