Medtronic’s “M-Powered Concept Car” keeps a tab on your diabetes

by yogesh

The biggest fear of living with diabetes is that you shouldn’t get a hypoglycemic attack and lose consciousness. This scenario is quite scary especially while driving. However carrying your machine to monitor blood sugar levels at all times is practically impossible. Medtronic’s “M-Powered Concept Car” features an onboard glucose-monitoring system. The system works this way, people wearing a continuous glucose-monitoring system (CGMS) get readings of their blood sugar levels through audio and visual cues from the car’s dashboard; the entire system is wireless as data is transmitted via Bluetooth. Resembling a GPS device, the system informs the driver about a drop in the blood sugar levels (when it occurs), and urges them to either pull over or give directions to the nearest restaurant or rest stop. Medtronic plans on further enhancing the system so that it will allow the car to dial up medical assistance once the driver has abnormal levels of blood glucose or fails to respond to prompts.

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Presently Medtronic doesn’t know by when it will be ready to bring the car to the road.

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