Rumors suggest White and Disc-less Xbox One coming in October

by Sayan Chakravarty

Suddenly the rumors mills have gone into a frenzy churning out a barrage of rumors on the Xbox One console which has got us all excited. Most interesting of them all is the report that suggests that a white version of the Xbox One is in the works. According to the Verge, Microsoft gave white Xbox ones to its employees back in November last year and plans to bring it to the store shelves by October this year. Unlike the previous generation of Xbox, the white Xbox One looks pretty attractive judging the renderings.

Microsoft is also preparing to release its first major update for the Xbox One in March which will tackle a number of issues including the ones with the Xbox Live service on the console. According to a separate report, word has it that the latest generation of gaming console by Microsoft might arrive soon without a Blue-Ray disc drive. The rumor was sparked off by an anonymous forum poster but it has been verified by multiple sources. None of the rumors have been officially confirmed by Microsoft yet but the Verge reports that the company is testing several versions of Xbox.

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[Via – The Verge]