Mitsubishi ZW series air conditioners the smartest of all

by Dhiram Shah

Mitsubishi is all set to revolutionize air conditioners with the ZW series which come equipped with an infrared sensor unit called “Human Sensor Move Eye.” attached downward in the middle of an indoor unit’s bottom face. It automatically moves between left and right covering a range of 160 degrees wide and measures the temperature of the wall and floor. With the new Human Sensor Move Eye system, a row of seven infrared sensors scans inside the room and each sensor acquires temperature data by dividing its coverage area into 66 segments. In other words, the system can acquire temperature data from about 500 segments. In this manner, the new air conditioners locate humans, centralize the area of air conditioning to the location of a man and automatically switch to economic mode when no one is sensed inside the room which can easily save upto 50 % power.
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The lineup can cope with the situation where there are two people at a time inside the room by moving each of upper, lower, left and right flaps at its air outlet using four separate motors. On the other hand, the lineup can also control air not to directly hit people in the room. It also features a capability to analyze trends of human location in each family, based on results of its survey for about half a month.

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