NicStic – Genuine smokeless cigarettes!

by Dhiram Shah

Ask any tobacco smoker about the angst he faces without a cigarette on long flights or meeting as well as public places. With a NicStic between your lips, nobody dare stop you from venturing into a no-smoking zone! Because it has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes; it also passes the local anti-smoking laws. The NicStic uses a rechargeable heating coil in a plastic cigarette-sized stick to dispense nicotine without smoke. This nifty device is winning support from some health officials as a way to help smokers who want to kick the habit. Many anti-smoking campaigners believe that it could be a useful bridge to help quit. The Swiss company has packaged it in small containers that somewhat resembles a cigarette-case. It contains ten disposable mouth-pieces resembling a filter as well as an object that looks like a cigarette. In reality however, this object is a heating element that works from a battery. The cigarette-case itself works as a battery charger. All you got to do is assemble the cigarette then insert it into a special opening of the cigarette-case filter up. Just pause for about 20 seconds until the battery is fully charged and the heating element reaches certain temperature. All done, you’ll be able to puff it……without disturbing your neighbors.

NicStic kit retails online for 80 euros (about $100).
Via – Medlaunches


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