Nintendo Gameboy platform shoes

by Dhiram Shah

The Nintendo gameboy has reached a new platform. With the consoles being a favorite among everyone, it just had do be manifested in some fancy ways sooner or later and what better than platform shoes (actually I can think of better alternatives). This could also be an attempt to revive the forgotten platform heals but reinvention is the name of the game (pun intended again!) in these remix days! The world of fashion has never been boring, as outlandish designs tend to rule the roost compared to traditional cuts and designs which are functional but never make a lasting impression. But there are no second thoughts to the fact that this will work, you might also see your boy friends buying you something for a change! This pair of platform shoes actually managed to incorporate the best selling Nintendo Gameboy Color system into the sole itself.

While it looks extremely appealing, chances are they won’t make it to the market anytime soon as they were created by Helen Red Richards and are meant to be used solely (pun not intended) as a museum exhibit. Thankfully, its way to hideous to sport though I don’t mind using it as a dock for my gameboy!
Via – Gizmodiva

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