Know what your dog is thinking with No More Woof

Sometimes it’s really difficult for you or visitors at your place to distinguish why exactly dogs respond the way they do by means of barks. That’s why we have something in place to put the sense behind it all. Behold, No More Woof (NMW). This intelligent sensor can detect what your dog meant when he did what he did. It’s something first-time pet owners could totally use, rather than depend on the trainer to show up. It is available in four variants. The NMW Micro can distinguish between 2-3 thought patterns, the NMW Standard extends functionality to detecting 4 or more patterns. Additionally it also complies with software that further enhances readings and deductions. Finally we have the NMW Superior that packs a premium mini speaker inside a minimalist golden dog tag, which is completely customizable. It enables algorithmic learning that soon develops into your dog speaking short and complete sentences.

The time to decode your dog code is never too late. The NMW Micro costs $65, the NMW Standard costs $300, while the NMW Superior, $1200. Well, the price you pay for understanding!