One Phillip Lüpke downloads 25 billionth song, wins over $13K worth of iTunes content

As life has it, some destinies are sweeter than most others. The same goes to Phillip Lüpke who has struck a pot of gold on a casual morning walk (figuratively speaking). So, this morning, our man decides to download a song off iTunes and it happens to be the 25 billionth song and voila, he receives a Euro 10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple! This makes it possible for him to download more songs than he may ever need to! The 22-year old is a student in Hanover, Germany. The person who won a similar prize for downloading the 10 billionth song actually hung up the phone thinking that it was someone’s musings.

Phillip Lüpke says, “At first I was in disbelief. But then I was very happy, laughed. I’ve gone to my university and told all my friends. It was a very nice day.” We wonder what he would do with all this free content. He says, “I think I can realize all my musical wishes and download all the songs I like. But this will be enough for the next few years,”



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