Designer Drug Collection brings sinful chemistry to necklaces

Aroha Silhouettes are well known for the Molecular Addictions-themed necklaces. Now with the stakes really high on the designer scene and the drug-scandals that follow them, we see a development in the line of jewelry. Titled Designer Drug Collection, each piece in the line of shimmers is designed to mimic the molecular combination of well known designer drugs. That’s satiable for some but could well be an absolutely astounding science to others. So, you could find everything from Spliff to Candy Flipping and of course, Coffee and Cigarettes.

Breaking Bad made science and especially chemistry a lot more interesting for a number of people. Who would find the Overdose necklace too much of a science or nerd thing? Well, from all the damsels I know, few would shrug it off. The idea of Molecular Addictions is truly unique. These guys will never fall out of ideas or run short of designs. The Overdose necklace is priced at $95

designer-drugs-2 designer-drugs-3

[Available at Aroha-Silhouettes Via Laughingsquid]