Panasonic intros pro AVCHD camcorders

by yogesh

Panasonic is gearing up to intro new stuff at the NAB show this April and as a prelude, it’s gone ahead and announced the AG-HMC150, an AVCHD SD card-based camcorder. Panasonic has also announced the reasonably priced pro HD options, which includes the HDV-based AG-HVX200. Besides borrowing the older, standard def AG-DVX100’s design factor, the HMC150 will slot in a trio of new 1/3-inch CCDs with native 16:9 aspect ratios, and support all the various 1080 and 720 progressive and entwined options. Other specs also include a broader 28mm Leica lens, XLR audio inputs, an HDMI output (among others), and remote capability for iris and record controls, support the 13Mbps rate, plus a higher bandwidth option. The other model that Panasonic showcased was the AG-HMC70, which is an SD card-based AVCHD shoulder-mount model that incorporates 3 1/4-inch CCDs and a 38.5mm-to-462mm-equivalent 12X zoom optically stabilized Leica lens to record 1080i video. It will support still capture and supply pro audio connectors as well as BNC outputs.

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You can expect the Panasonic AG-HMC150 to ship by this fall but the pricing has not yet been disclosed, although you can expect it to be in the $6,000 range. The AG-HMC70 is expected to ship this April for $2,495. As for the AG-DVX200s or other P2 HD-supporting models, the company plans to ship a 64GB version this fall, at an as-yet undetermined price.

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