PowerUp adds motor-power to the classic motor boat

The paper boats of yesteryear were symbolic in every fashion. They showed off our deft craft skills and also shot into life the positive aspect of staying adrift with time. All said and done, the movement of these boats was purely at the mercy of winds and waves. Sometimes, they would just entangle in the weeds and stay there till the rain came and sank it down. But this is the year 2013 and the kids of today shall settle for nothing lesser. Behold the PowerUp Boat, a paper boat with a motor so that nothing can stand before it without being mowed down into the water. Available as a ‘PowerUp Boat Motorized Paper Boat Kit’, the entire set is specially developed for kids who need some incentive to take a bath. The paper is waterproof and the pirate props (flag and anchor) make it look authentic enough to brave the soapy tides!

The idea seems to be quite intriguing and it goes without saying that many nerdy kids may have already tried something like this out by devising their very own motor. That said, if you want this ready made one, what’s the harm? All you need is $12 and it could be yours from ThinkGeek.


[Available at Thinkgeek]