New Quadrotor designed by University of Tokyo can fly as well as travel on land and water

The Multi-field Universal Wheel for Air-land Vehicle, or MUWA is the name given to a quadrotor based bit of technology that came out of the University of Tokyo’s Department of Mechano-Informatics. Four of their top notch mechanical minds – Koji Kawasaki, Moju Zhao, Kei Okada, and Masayuki Inaba – put this nifty piece of engineering together. This round ‘wheel’ fitted with a specialised motor is capable of travelling on land and water and it flies too.

With it’s specially designed rotor it can even lean at specific angles and also straighten itself up vertically off the ground if laid flat. Practical applications of technology like this include the ability to get into hard to reach places without the need of flying around and consuming more energy. It could also be assigned to rotate around a specific point on the ground while changing its angle in a sort of ‘tornado motion’ where a Kinect sensor could be used to generate a 3D map of surroundings. While there might be tons of things MUWA is capble of doing and even more so for the second gen model that’s already a work in progress, it seems to be best suited for surveillance or search and rescue. It’s quite an innovation and I can’t wait to see what the next one will do. Take a look at the video below to see just what the MUWA can do.


[Via - Core77]