Super-detailed Rivendell Lego replica took 200K bricks, 2Khours to build

As the Middle Earth fever catches up we see a number of tributes being paid to Tolkien’s imaginative paradise. Leading the charge on the assembly game front is this stunning Rivendell replica by Finch and Frank who spent hours watching the movie over and over again, ensuring they visualized every tiny detail of the Elvish realm. The duo used a whopping 200,000 Lego bricks to bring the magic of the land to life in all its Elf glory. They sure did feel like God, or more so, like Tolkien, taking an absolutely professional approach to the building procedure by planning topographies and selecting finer details such as the vegetation, to best simulate the real fictitious world.

The Lego pieces used to build the set were rare, so as to ensure that details aren’t missed out with cheaper substitutes. The built replica scales to about 10 x 5 feet and is placed on a total of 32 base plates. That was some investment when they finally completed their masterpiece in around 2,200 hours.

lego-rivendell-2 lego-rivendell-3 lego-rivendell-4 lego-rivendell-5 lego-rivendell-6 lego-rivendell-7 lego-rivendell-8 lego-rivendell-9 lego-rivendell-10

[Via - Inhabitat]