Robot jockeys replace children in Dubai camel races

Dubai is known to play home to some of the most exotic cars in the world, but what do its wealthy citizens decide to race? Camels of course! Camel racing has long been the sport of choice for the people of Dubai and as the name goes, the sport involves camels racing against each other, just simple as that. The simplicity of camel racing has been given an overhaul over the years however and these animals owned by the royal families of the United Arab Emirates are now stamped with electronic chips for identification! But that’s not what surprises us! These camels are not ridden by flesh and blood jockeys, but by robots, complete with mechanical whips to encourage the animals! The robots are controlled remotely by owners who drive parallel to the track in identical SUVs.

Earlier, children were used as jockeys in camel races as they’re lighter. However, due to cases of malnutrition and injuries, these child jockeys have been replaced with a dash of technology, remote-controlled robots weighing in at just about four to six pounds each. Robot jockeys have been used since 2005 and the technology has evolved, gradually to near perfection. The Qatari jockey robot costs $300 and is perhaps the quickest way to the finish line!

[Via - Daily Beast]