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Samsung announces a Martian Pink Galaxy Note II for South Korea

by Gareth Mankoo

Valentine’s day may be well behind us now but it looks like Samsung are seeing the gizmo lust in feminine eyes with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, arriving in Korea, all dressed in pink. It joins several other devices, appliances, cars, etc. that suffer the similar fate on the international day of love. This pink variant will be arriving on all carriers and will join the rest of the army, comprised of White, Titanium Grey, Amber Brown and Ruby Wine. This variant of the phone already made it to Taiwan successfully. We’re now probing deeper to see how much different a shade is this from the V-day release we had reported.

The specifications are the same. The phone will be available from the 22nd of this month on all three carriers.

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  • It’s still the same old Galaxy Note II. It only has a different color. Samsung is beginning to act like Apple, telling consumers it’s has something new to offer, when actually there’s none.