Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serene II and F330 music phone are ready

by deepa

Not much is known about these cell phones but then I couldn’t wait to whisper out loud what ever I knew. Samsung is working on two unusual models – the Bang & Olufsen Serene II and the F330 music phone. Though they are still keeping them under wraps for some little known reasons, rumors are ripe with their images and features. The one on the left is the Bang & Olufsen Serene II which is also known as Serenata or SGH-F310. This UMTS / EDGE / HSDPA (1.8 Mbps) phone is believed to have 240 x 240 touchscreen, 4GB of memory, Mp3 player, Mpeg4 player. While the other music phone, F330, will sport EDGE / HSDPA (3.6 Mbps), Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a 240 x 320 display, 2 megapixel camera, and a microSD slot. Now if you are keener to know more then blame it on Samsung for being so enigmatic.

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Via – Luxurylaunches