Samsung ST550 and ST500 digital cameras will have LCD on the front for self portraits

by Gareth Mankoo

A loud ‘phew’ resounds from the company of those self-adoring folks who surround me at the site of a digital camera that keeps your narcissism in mind. The Samsung ST550 and ST500 will have a 1.5 inch display screen in the front that helps users click their own snaps as well as display exposure information. Otherwise, both the cameras have 12 megapixel sensors and 3.5 inch display screens on them. Say “Cheese!”

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The best part is that these cameras have a nice little animation to make sure that kids don’t refrain from staring at the camera and also give their brightest smiles to the lens. Both, the Samsung ST550 and ST500 are expected to be out in Singapore by the end of this month.

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