SNT IOPS in car PC

SNT Korea will unveil the IOPS in car PC at the Cebit trade fair which starts on March 15. Powered by Windows XP the touchscreen PC is equipped with GPS for navigation. It supports T-DMB for viewing Live TV on the move which can be later recorded on the onboard hard drive for later viewing or you can burn it on a disc. You are constantly connected to the Internet via HSDPA which provides broadband like download speeds, hook up a Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse and your mobile office is ready. More details like Processor, Memory, Hard drive etc are not known yet, however they will be unveiled this week at Cebit.
(One more pic after the jump)



  1. Steve says:

    Windows XP? I don’t see any Ctrl, Alt or Del key…?

  2. Sjobs says:

    I dont see a stfu!

  3. philip Santos says:

    if you turn ON the system how fast it will operate
    cause i know if windows system it will took in a minutes right!!!

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks for butchering the English language.

  5. Yuriy says:

    speed depend by components. If you put SSD HDD = much faster. and for the person on the top against Win for you even Ctrl, Alt or Del key dosn’t help.

  6. abdul says:

    when will it be available

  7. Raul Encarnacioin says:

    What’s the price?
    Where can i purchase it?

  8. Michael says:

    Please tell me how can i get the SNT IOPS? And what’s the price?