Solid Alliance USB controlled RC car and Garage

by Dhiram Shah

The USB controlled RC car and Garage from Solid Alliance surely make it to the Top 3 USB gadgets of all times. What we have here is a garage which connects to the USB port and inside is a RC car which is not controlled by a special remote control but by a special desktop application. Using the arrow keys you control the car, the garage doubles as a charging and transmitting station, the car charges fully in 10 minutes. The garage in true Hollywood style opens up automatically for the car to zoom out. The car works in a radius of 1 meter of the garage. Here is a weekend project, make a racing track order 5 of the cars and workplace will never be the same again.

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The Solid Alliance USB controlled RC car and Garage will be available from the first week of September in Japan for 3,480 Yen ($ 30).


  • kennydude

    so so so wickeeeedd !

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    I want it
    how can I get this