Khan Noonien Singh Christmas Wreath relives Star Trek fandom

All of us who enjoyed the magic of Star Trek III: The Wrath of Khan will be well aware of the sinister scorn that character Khan Noonien Singh inflicted on those he despised. It all comes to the jolly season of Christmas that ironically reminds us of people with such a scorn like that Grinch. So why wouldn’t this be amplified through a perfect Christmas tribute that also tickles a smirk. Behold, The Wreath of Khan! This specially made Christmas wreath serves fans with some good memories of the movie as well as the sufficient geek quotient to make Christmas uber cool. The wreath has been created with love and care by Annie Shapiro.

Back in 1982 few would imagine a pun played on the Khan character. But then times have changed and artists are running out of ideas so anything new, novel and geeky is enough to perk our attention.

[Via - Laughingsquid]