Star Trek fan creates $30,000 detailed Starship Enterprise replica in her basement

Fans can sometimes outdo the very makers of movies in the way they interpret, recreate and pay tribute to their favorite franchises. Take Line Rainville from Canada for instance. She went all-out to convert her basement into a fanboys ultimate fantasy of the Star Trek Enterprise. A fan of the series since the age of 9, the social worker did her best to create a home theater requirement into one mighty simulation with parts inspired by the show. One can find everything here from Enterprise’s bridge to the transporter room, the recreation room, the epic observation deck and even Spock’s quarters. Says Rainville, ‘’I became addicted to this show and during the week, and I looked forward to each Tuesday at seven for another episode. I enjoyed Star Trek because it was about space, unknown worlds, and aliens who often ended up being more friendly than expected. I enjoyed learning about Vulcans and seeing the interactions between the characters

The Star Trek-themed basement took Line Rainville a good one month to design and perfect. Do enjoy the images and let me know your favorite. I love the instrument panel for once.

starship-enterprise-replica-2 starship-enterprise-replica-3 starship-enterprise-replica-4 starship-enterprise-replica-5 starship-enterprise-replica-6 starship-enterprise-replica-7 starship-enterprise-replica-8 starship-enterprise-replica-9 starship-enterprise-replica-10

[Via - Dailymail]