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Razer Naga Hex blesses multiplayer gamers

Playing games that require precision and timing, overcoming miniscule delays over network and Internet delays is something very few mice can achieve. However, with Razer dominating this space there’s never a no…

Monopoly gets Mass Effect theme

I wonder how many people who are hooked on to Mass Effect also dig Monopoly. For starts I feel that they are among the most diverse gaming scenarios of indoor gaming. Yet,..

Game of Thrones cake may not need a knife

Game of Thrones has pretty much won over everyone who has dared to watch the epic HBO show. That explains all the effort put into the throne that is the prime object..

Jurassic Park game enters the iPad 2 world

The iPad2 had enough to brag about but with the Jurassic Park Game there isn’t any scope for missing out on the best things. Telltale Games manages to bring about the magic..