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Nintendo’s Wii Mini to arrive this year

Nintendo is wasting no time to feed us with the next smallest marvel they’ve been brewing. Arriving in an elegant black matte and red case, the Wii Mini will be accompanied with..

Nintendo Wii U spotted in the wild

An avid Redditor by the nick of ‘AardvarkBarber’ spotted the Wii U at an airport possible headed to PAX which kicks off today in Seattle. Attendees would be able to lay their..

Super Mario Bros U announced

At the E3 Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Bros for its newest gaming platform. It is very similar to Super Mario bros but has a lot of extra features including a multiplyer mode..

Happy 5th Birthday, Nintendo Wii

This post isn’t driven by some awe-inspiring creation doled out by a Nintendo fan in the honor of its fifth birthday. We are trying to reminiscence the time that has passed since..

Nintendo Wii U unveiled

With all the tablet frenzy going on, other gadget segments have certainly been overlooked. But not any more. Just two days back we saw Sony putting up the official word and price..