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What Siri has to say about her new voice

Siri has got an update with the new iOS 7. Apple’s virtual assistant is now smarter and packs in more voices. Here is what she had to say when Reddit user malchynk..

Philips Hue Lights controlled by Siri

Philips Hue Lights are Led bulbs which can be controlled by an iOS device. The pricey high tech bulbs change their color and intensity with a simple slide of a finger on..

iOS 6.1 Siri buys movie tickets

The Siri platform just got more exciting than it ever was. With the new iOS 6.1 version arriving, movie buffs can soon look forward to movie-bookings made a lot simpler. 9to5Mac.com reports..

Mercedes Benz A-Class to come integrated with Siri

Mercedes-Benz is publicly displaying its love for Apple by making its much-famed Siri voice assistant the core of the A-Class’ infotainment system. The automaker’s Drive Plus Kit will integrate the driver’s iPhone..