Tata Motors air-powered City Cat car readies for production run

by Dhiram Shah

Tata Motors (India) is all geared up to produce the first commercial car to be powered by compressed air, that has been designed by ex-Formula one engineer Guy Nègre. Named The City Cat, the car runs on compressed air that “can be refueled at “air stations,” and overnight using a built-in compressor.” It hits top speed at 68MPH and has a range of 125 miles. The Air Car designers are developing a hybrid version of the car that compresses air as the car runs. The issue of the source of the electricity is still to be solved, so I guess a completely “Green Car” is yet way off!

All in all the car looks fit enough for the geek, however I wonder why they don’t have racy, sporty and trendy designs for these eco-friendly cars? I’m sure nature has nothing against sexy looks!