Teen spends about $736 on eBay only to receive an image of the Xbox One in the epic-most eBay fails of all time

Ever heard of the term ‘WYSIWYG’? It stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’. Some may argue that it does not stand true for the hoard of products that are sold with images bearing a disclaimer of being ‘for representation purposes only’. Sometimes, a few of us get carried away with images of a hay stack and would love to put some money in and own it. Peter Clatworthy learned never to trust what you see in the representation images on eBay. With a hopeful heart and a budget ready for ambush, he shelled about £450 (~$736) for an Xbox One console. The 19-year old lad from Bilborough was, of course, stunned by what he finally received. The online populous reacted to the story with over 250,000 views! Well, it is funny in a way but if you have paid for something this expensive, you rather get something tangible and then be laughed at rather than landing up empty-handed. eBay anyway refunded him for his losses. Head after the jump for the real deal in the story.

“It’s been a mixed bag really,” said Peter. “I’ve had people saying I’m stupid and I’ve been joking along with them. There have also been some people on the internet saying it’s horrible what happened.” Well, you can decide which of the remarks suits Peter better after reading this. The bright lad actually read that the image was indeed an image of the console, but hoped it would be a console simply because it was categorized as a game. Riddle me this!

[Via - Nottinghampost and Kotaku]