Terrafugia, the flying car clears FAA regulatory hurdle, Jetsons fans applaud

by Shayne Rana

There’s not a single technology enthusiast, sci-fi watching, gizmo fan out there that doesn’t want to see a flying car become a reality and according to some, it’s that time is drawing closer and closer. A small airplane-styled car called the Terrafugia, has been designed to be the next street-legal flying car that has cleared a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory hurdle for craft classification by weight. It’s still apparently in a test prototype phase and will make it to the production prototype phase soon. It’s a two-seater (for now, perhaps a hatch back family model will be out alter) and users will have to be well informed that this “Light Sport Aircraft” was 110 pounds (50 kilograms) overweight in accommodating roadworthy-assuring safety items such as crumple zones.

This baby can reach cruising speeds of 115mph (185 kph) and cover almost 400 miles (644 kilometers) on a tank of regular unleaded gas. So what would this road to sky hybrid vehicle cost? It’s estimated to be about $200,000. And I have to agree with MSNBC, Jetsons fans will love it.