The Trans-Atlantic Telectroscope connects NY to London

by yogesh

At the risk of sounding like a sci-fi fiction premise, the Trans-Atlantic Telectroscope offers hope a unique way of connecting the people of New York and London. Started out as a dream project of the eccentric Victorian engineering entrepreneur Alexander Stanhope St George, a tunnel that lay idle all these years has been fitted with a giant “electronic telescope” and state-of-the-art technology. Mr. St George resurrected the project, and developed the Telectroscope after discovering his great-grandfather’s dusty notes and diaries in an attic. The tunnel entrances were reopened beside Tower Bridge in London and Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Needless to say many are excited at the prospects of “seeing” friends and relatives across the Atlantic. Imagine standing 3,460 miles away from your loved one and peep into the telescope to see them.

The Telectroscope – installed by Artichoke, probably employs the latest broadband, camera and satellite technology to close the gap between the two countries. The Telectroscope uses 6ft screens and a Jules Verne style telescope that shimmers with brass and an assortment of Victorian dials.

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