The VRX MACH 4- The World’s First Quad Screen Race Simulator

by yogesh

VRX Industries LTD has launched the World’s First Quad Screen Race Simulator with their VRX MACH 4 announcement. VRX Industries prides itself in being a premier designer, developer, and manufacture of home & corporate entertainment products. The VRX MACH 4 is a blend of cutting edge technology married with an ascetically stunning design. The simulator is powered by four Xbox 360’s, outputting 4 Teraflops of power, which drive the 3 Sharp Aquos LCD’s; the fourth Xbox 360 powers a 7″ LCD rear view mirror which elevates the virtual racing experience to a new level of realism.
Roll over for the complete specs.

There is info available on the pricing of the VRX MACH 4.
The specs include:
· 4 Microsoft Xbox 360’s
· 4 Copy’s Forza Motorsport 2
· Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter
· Microsoft Force Feedback Steering wheel
· 3 Sharp Aquos 37″ LC-D62U 1080p HD LCD displays
· Adjustable rear view Power Acoustik (PTM 750) 7″ LCD display
· Bose Acoustimass 10 series surround sound system with subwoofer
· Harmon Kardon AVR-144 Surround Sound receiver
· 1500 Watt Tactile Vibration Feedback System
· 1900 Watt Tactile Power Amplifier
· Virtual Wind System powered by 2 dual Honeywell fans with chrome shroud
· 1″ CNC machined polished aluminum foot assembly that connects to the front of the VRX
· Universal triple screen aluminum mounting bracket that excepts LCD displays from 20″ to 40″
· Adjustable aluminum and tinted acrylic component shelves
· On board power bar and unique wire way system conceals cables
· Polished chrome chassis with powder coated wheel mount and pedal mount
· CNC billet aluminum Speaker Mounts and Seat Wing
· Front and rear non-slip aluminum vibration dampeners
· 3M automotive chrome trim concealed edges
· Italian Sparco Monza racing seat (choice of Red/Black or Black/Silver)
· Sparco automotive seat slider
· Suspension seat base
· 3/D epoxy coated graphics
· Velcro and machined rubber grip blocks “prevents wheel and pedal movement”
· 10″ diagonal and 8″ horizontal wheel adjustments
· Polished Aluminum Speaker Mounts
· LED Lighting effects
· Beverage Containment System

  • Ben

    Cool, how is it quad screen with only three screens? Wouldn’t that be triple screen?

  • aSi

    Ben: “…the fourth Xbox 360 powers a 7″ LCD rear view mirror…”

  • Shazaam42

    The 4th screen is the rearview mirror. This is stupid as hell. For less money than this, you could buy a car, prep it for racing and join a club and actually GO RACE. A real car. In real life. With real people. Or you could blow $20k (or whatever it costs) to get fatter and lazier and less social. Although I guess it’s a tradeoff, you couldn’t race a real car in boxers while eating cheetos by the fistful…

  • sliknick

    dont you see the 7″ screen for the rear view…

  • Barry Tabrah

    If you read the spec you’ll see that there is a 4th 7″ rear view LCD screen.

  • predrag

    wonderfull!!!!!!where i can buy one?2?

  • Gad

    What is the price?