The Whole House-Off Switch

by Dhiram Shah

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had just one switch to power-off the whole house? Something like what you have at hotels, but over there it’s your room key that does the trick. For homes its better to fit the Whole House-Off Switch by designer Jack Godfrey Wood. The idea behind the concept is to turn off of the unnecessary power in the house when you step out, with a single switch. The Whole House-Off Switch was designed to make “the green way the most convenient way,” and was part of a larger project to “encourage ‘green’ action among the environmentally disenfranchised.” It’s a fantastic concept, but I won’t vote for it. Wanna know why? Read on…

The Whole House-Off Switch is a great concept but when I power off the whole house, my fridge will stop working, so the milk will turn sour and I’ll have no milk for my coffee! The alarm clock will get switched off, and then I won’t remember to set it again and I’ll get late for work the next day! The list is endless…so till theses minor details are not ironed out I guess the concept is good on paper but not really practical.