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LED Lantern To Light Your Homes

I remember the story where this Chinese girl was asked by the cruel dragon to get something that would hold fire in paper. If she completed this challenge, then he would free..

Palm Addicts Xplore M70

“You missed the e-mail, because there was no computer or Internet around.” Sorry this excuse will not do the next time. Not if you have the Xplore M70. Be sure that your..

Dual XDVD8182 iPod-ready mobile theater

And you thought that you would use your iPod only during your workout! Dual Electronics has come up with a mobile theatre system for cars, which are iPod ready. The Dual XDVD8182..

Cross Tic Tac, Go For Disney Mix Max

If making the cartoons or the movies was not enough, Disney is trying to woo the children with the latest gizmos. Their latest line in electronic products embossed with their cute magical..

Duck Shoot Your Stress

When Stress Balls don’t work take a quack shot. Kill some without the blood and the gore, without actually moving out of your desk. Duck Shooting takes on a new meaning without..

Buffalo DH-ONE/U2 USB TV Tuner

From Buffalo corp Japan comes the DH-ONE/U2 a USB TV tuner for use with Laptops when you are on the move. It connects via USB 2.0 and has a stick like antenna..

Hello Kitty Portable DVD Player

Here is some Hello Kitty history before we add another gadget dedicated to the ever-popular Kitty. Hello Kitty is the biggest selling brand of the Sanrio Company Ltd, which was founded is..

Lexus LS460 the most advanced yet

Toyoto Motor launched the LS460 flagship sedan of the Lexus lineup which is powered by a newly developed 4.6-liter V8 engine coupled with the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission. The LS460 uses..

Samsung GX-10 – 10.2 Megapixel D-SLR

Samsung has today introduced the GX-10, a new 10.2 mega-pixel DSLR with an array of new features including Optical Picture Stabilization (OPS), a Penta Prism viewfinder that provides a wide field of..