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HP SLC3760N 37inch Wi-Fi HDTV

Another baby has made entry into HP’s bandwagon of media centered gizmos. The SLC3760N is HP’s 37-inch LCD HDTV. It includes wired and wireless connections. The $2,199 worth of LCD will make..

Maplin USB Smart Flash Drive the smartest yet

Not one of those clichéd USB drives that boast mammoth of storage space… The aptly-named USB Smart Flash Drive is known to have some brains and features features a ‘Bi-stable cholesteric digital..

HP HD100 first USB 2.0 HD-DVD writer

HP has dropped in a USB 2.0-based external HD-DVD player which sports to be the fist of its kind of storage device. The HD100 DVD-ROM is scheduled for the end of year..

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Maxtor Hard Drive Dominos

Remember the Tekserve ad which used $60,000 worth of iPods as Dominos. Here we have Maxtor hard drives repeating the act which amount to a total of 22 Terabytes ($18,400) worth of..

Sigma SD14

Encore to the Sigma SD14 that is a digital SLR camera, with in-camera JPEG capabilities, a bright viewfinder, a dust protector, a built-in flash, a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, 14 megapixel and Foveon..

Ledtronics LED Bulbs

And God said let there be light, but instead you turned on the Ledtronics LED Bulb, How cool is that?! Well we are impressed enough to feature it on our pages. Ledtronics..