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Hot Food Vending Machines hit Big Apple

A hungry stomach does not let you do any work. With food on your mind, especially a hot meal, and no time at hand, what would you do? Well don’t fret, for..

Samsung 305T – 30 inch LCD monitor

Samsung has unveiled a 30 min monitor that can definitely stand next to any monitor from your collection or even stand few blocks ahead. It does offer the same specs as Dell’s..

Imaginarium Mo1 Cell Phone for Kids

Imaginarium has dropped a new cell phone that is centered at parents’ requirements for their children. The new Mo1 cell phone sports to be a prepaid phone for kids aged 6 and..

Samsung YP-TP in deep purple color

Samsung is surely going to take your hearts away….it has painted its chic portable multimedia player, Yepp YP-T9, with classy new deep purple color. There is a 1.8″ LCD screen and a..

Belkin SportCommand wearable iPod remote

You’ve keen plans of hitting the iced slopes this year and music is the only thing that keeps you going. You adore music and carry it along with just anywhere and everywhere…

Gear4 BluEye transforms iPod into cell phone

BluEye from Gear4 has dropped in some iPod accessory that transform your iPod into some sort of cell phone. Interesting huh! The product seems to have rather nifty functionality, effectively getting your..

Valei PMC200 PMP direct from Sweden

Looks like Swedish Valei Computer is pretty keen on bagging the crown of Sweden Portable Media Leader. This Stockholm-based newcomer has just released its latest media player, the PMC200, which ensures to..

Sony DCC-FMT50U car charger and FM transmitter

Sony Japan has announced the DCC-FMT50U an FM transmitter and charger which connects to your car’s cigar lighter socket. The backlit display shows the frequency of transmission and has 4 buttons for..