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Samsung IP-830w coming on Sprint

Sprint users can soon get the Samsung IP-830w smartphone. The IP-830w is powered by Intel PXA 272 520 MHz processor and comes with 128MB ROM / 64MB RAM. The phone works on..

Leica V-LUX 1

Pictures speak a thousand words they say. To give the photographer the entire credit would be wrong. After all a bad carpenter blames his tools! This carpenter however will not go wrong..

Nokia 5200 and 5300

It seems Nokia is having a hard times keeping their new phones the wraps and before any official announcement we always spy pics and leaked info. Remember the Nokia N95 / N83..

Leica D-LUX 3

It’s like taking a kid to the candy store. Leica are out doing themselves by the sheer range of cameras they are launching. The M8, Digilux 3 and now D-LUX 3. Currently..

Leica Digilux 3

Digital is the key word that Leica comprehends these days. Moving away from their traditional fare they are soon realizing the need to be in with the competition. No doubt a world..

Leica M8

Fifty-two years after it first helped preserve your memories, Leica have launched M8. This new rangefinder digital camera has the classic design, build and function of the M series but utilizes a..

Crestron TPMC-8X to command your home

Crestron has launched so many products lately that we are fast losing track of them. Holding our breath in the latest one is the TPMC-8X. This tablet integrates Yahoo Widgets into a..

Manga to go global as E-books

We give you another reason to buy those nifty e-book readers, eBOOK Initiative Japan, together with Kyocera Japan will soon distribute popular Japanese comics as E-book starting with Singapore. Japanese comics or..

Independent Pioneer IPbook A1 UMPC

Independent Pioneer (not related to Pioneer Electronics) based in Korea has announced the IPbook A1 UMPC. It is powered by a VIA NANO processor at 1Ghz, 512MB of RAM and comes with..