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Asus unveils Laptops with secondary displays

Mobile phones with second displays are nothing new, infact they are very convinient too as you can see the incoming caller’s number without opening the phone and a perform many similar functions…

Stiletto 100 Sirius—ly Cool

A look at this beauty has you salivating for more. Living up to the magical reputation like the character in the Harry Potter Books Sirius Stiletto 100 is a Happening thing. It..

Lost Something- TrackItBack

Losing anything can be so painful. Either stock up on almonds (that help memory) or get TrackItBack. The joy of recovering a lost item is worth the reward given to the person..

Sony Reader PRS500 is here

Finally the much-delayed Sony Reader PRS500 is here. The handheld Reader is meant to stand in for that stack of books you tug along. Storing up to 80 complete books on the..

Mio DigiWalker H610 wont let you get lost

Walk down unfamiliar roads without the fear of getting lost. Mio DigiWalker H610 will look after you well. Unlike most GPS systems that fit into your car this one is hand-held and..

KHR-2 Transformer robot

Here is an aspiring entry from the Robo-One competition in Japan the KHR-2 or “Layered X”. The robot walks on 4 feet but can instantly transform into a robot walking on 2..

Sony Ericsson MBW-100 Bluetooth watch

Way back in March Seiko Japan amazed us with their prototype Bluetooth watch and now Sony Ericsson has decided to take the technology mainstream with the MBW-100 Bluetooth watch. The analog watch..

Motorola KRZR K1m available on Verizon

The Motorola KRZR K1m is available since quite some time everywhere except the USA however not for long as Verizon is the first American carrier to ship the next generation slim phone…