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Yamaha YSP-1100 Digital Sound Projector

When Yamaha speaks, the rest listen. The brand is a class by itself. Music or movies the sound quality on a Yamaha is as good as it gets! It has introduced a..

Sony Burns With The New Optical Drives

Four new optical drives are piping up the Sony arena, all of which are ready to tackle a wide variety of CD and DVD formats. These 12th-generation units are “packed with high..

Nokia 6288 3G Slider phone

Nokia has unveiled the 6288 a 3G slide phone that adds high-quality video playing capabilities to its mix of features. It comes with a 262,144 color display (320×240 pixels). 2 Megapixel Camera..

TOTO Ryohan Suite

The word ‘toilet’ brings all of the bad connotations in our minds. Toto holds a different view as they try to get past the mental block and simply look at toilets for..

LG VX9900 Spy shots

Someone at Howard Forums has posted the first pics of the LG VX9900 which will be the successor to the popular LG VX9800. Not much is known about the VX9900 except that..

Samsung A900m coming to Sprint

It does look like a phone smitten by the RAZR cult…ahhh!! We shouldn’t be so harsh in describing this Samsung novelty that will be soon on the Sprint network and users will..

Kensington Vo300 USB Internet Speakerphone

A month ago, we had actually seen a bevy of VOIP accessories rushing in…so after a hiatus, Kensington has dropped Vo300 USB Internet Speakerphone which is not that exciting as a WiFi..