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Cowon iAudio F2 DAP

Cowon has announced the iAudio F2 a new slim MP3 player which sports a 1.3 inch TFT display with the latest Matrix GUI. Though it has 9 buttons they can be controlled..

Samsung offers HD-DVD player for $ 175

Before you start wondering when did Samsung start making HD-DVD players and even if they did why would they sell them so cheap, here is some info on the image. The following..

Spare wheel lands BMW in trouble

BMW defines its cars as “The ultimate driving machine” ask any owner of the german masterpiece this and he will surely agree with you. BMW has perfected many technologies and one of..

BlackBerry 8703e available on Verizon

The much awaited Blackberry 8703e is now available with Verizon and it can all yours for $ 249 with a two year contract and for $ 349 with a one year contract…

i-Mate Jaq Smartphone

The i-Mate JAQ and the i-Mate SPL were the two smart hotties that made their way to the stage of CTIA Wireless in L.A. Smartphone enthusiasts have long awaited the release of..

Terranaut – Fish-Powered Vehicle

Seth Weiner’s art project is a vehicle called Terranaut. This interesting vessel is driven by the motions of a Blood Parrot fish in a fish bowl which is termed as the Cockpit…

Samsung IP-830w coming on Sprint

Sprint users can soon get the Samsung IP-830w smartphone. The IP-830w is powered by Intel PXA 272 520 MHz processor and comes with 128MB ROM / 64MB RAM. The phone works on..