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Give a geek a gizmo, he will be occupied for a day. Give him a real good dose of endless new gadget releases, he will start his own website! The launch of Newlaunches in 2005 was triggered off in pretty much the same vein. From a time when iPods were still a novelty, cameras boasted about their megapixel prowess, smartphones ran on Symbian operating system, Newlaunches has seeped into the very welcoming and greatly porous Web feeds of tech enthusiasts across the world. New stuff keeps happening in the gizmo world and that’s all the sustenance we need to keep going on and on, fattening your gut and dilating your pupils with the latest and the finest from the world of technology. So enjoy reading. There’s never something not new to discover here.

Dhiram Shah – Founder and Editor
Has a penchant for technology and all the possibilities around it. He is a huge fan of anything Japanese and dreams of Nintendo opening up a Mario themed park someday. He used to develop customized Content Management Systems before starting Newlaunches.
Coolest invention till date – The iPhone, it really showed the world what the humble cell phone can actually be.
The next big thing – Space travel and exploration, it is definitely the final frontier in the decades to come.

Gareth Mankoo – Associate Editor
Copywriter in an ad agency by day. Blogger by night. Musician somewhere in between. From picking words to gizmos to icebergs in rum, life’s full of choices. It’s good to know that you picked Newlaunches and hey, here’s one who’s going to make sure your geek gut is packed with enough good stuff to regurgitate and swallow again.
Coolest invention till date – The dang screen on portable devices remains the finest invention. Imagine life without it? Braille?
The next big thing – Projected displays are the next phenomenon. Keep blinking and some day you may hold an affordable smartphone with one, with a teary-eyed expression decorating your knowing smile.

Gavril Mankoo – Associate Editor
In a world that is quickly being dominated by technology, keeping a wary eye on just what shows up on store-shelves is more than just a way to strike the hours away. A blogger, internet-troll, technology enthusiast, musician and day-dreamer all packed into one restless being, you’re sure to get your daily dose of everything mechanical, electric and essentially cool from this quick-fingered and nimble-brained writer.
Coolest invention till date – The wheel! The world would be a pretty darned tiresome place to get around if the jolly-good tree-stump rolling down a mountain hadn’t led to the invention of this mother of technology.
The next big thing – Robots with a mind of their own are bound to change the very way we live, though these creations of human-minds running in over-drive could pretty much spell doom too.

Sayan Chakravarty – Contributing Editor
sayanJack of many trades on a mission to master a few, he grew up fiddling with gadgets and mechanical junk. A true Tech and Auto fanatic, he aspires to become a popular writer someday and earn a Racing Licence at some point in life.

Coolest invention till date – Engines, V6-V8-V12 be it anything, the music they make is just …. (Still trying to figure out an appropriate word)

The next big thing – The next big thing – Invisibility – at the touch of a button we go vofff!! Boy-oh-boy, it’ll be the big daddy of all inventions… till then dream on.

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