10 most expensive Android applications

The market for Android handsets has been booming and Applications are only getting better and better. Sadly the gaming aspect is still ‘under’ development as so far we still need to see iOS type gaming come to this platform. But speaking of applications, Business Insider had a nifty little list of Android apps that I thought was quite unique. While the rest of world focuses on all the free goodies that the Android Market offers these guys decided to list out some of the most expensive apps on the market. Here are their top three –
Merck Manual Suite + Drugs — $79.95
Kicking off the list is a medical app that’s priced at a whopping $80. Developed Unbound Medicine, the Merck Manual Suite + Drugs is designed for the medical professionals and contains all kinds of libraries that these guys would find extremely handy.

5-Minute Clinical Consult — $79.95
Next on the list is another $80 app called 5-minute Clinical Consult that’s been developed once again for those with a medical and can help with ‘diagnosis and management of over 900 medical conditions.’ Guess only those in this field can actually afford these apps anyways.
Copilot Live — $81.41
Moving on from the medical profession, the third app on their list is Copilot Live which is a GPS navigation application complete with offer turn-by-turn navigation. Developed by ALK and priced at $81.41, it seems a bit too much for mapping software. I’d expect street view in every country on every street for this price.
The list goes on and the prices of the apps keeps getting higher and higher. For the complete list of the 10 most expensive Apps on the Android market check out Business Insider here or click the link below.
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