13-Year Old Korean Girl Sues Apple

Wow, is this kid precocious! A 13-year old girl from South Korea has filed a lawsuit against Apple for damages to her iPhone. The girl, identified as a minor only by her surname, Lee, brought the iPhone in February, only to have it break just a few months later. Apple is claiming that she dropped it in water. She says she did no such thing and wants them to pay repair costs to the handset. Lee is demanding a staggering amount of 300,000 won (US$269) in compensation from Apple’s Korean unit. The case is being heard at the Seoul Central District Court. It is the first civil action against the global electronics company’s after-sales service policy, and definitely the first by one so young.

Apple claim a tag on the handset had changed to red, meaning the phone had been in contact with water. Lee is arguing that the color change occurred due to humidity levels and is a flaw in the handset’s design.