2011 Macbook Pros will come with SSD and Light Peak technology

With the year coming to an end lets take a look at what Apple has in store for us in 2011. Everyone is expecting the iPhone 4 to hit Verizon early next year. This will put the already booming iPhone sales into the fifth gear. Rumors are also abuzz that Apple has two events planned in the first quarter of 2011. First is the event in Jan where Apple will supposedly announce the iPad 2 which will mark 2 years of the first iPad’s announcement. A second announcement will be reportedly in April when Apple will announce new Macbook Pros. Unlike the typical bumping up of specs these babies will sport a new design, borrow elements from the Macbook Air and some cool tech as well.
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The new Macbook Pros will have Solid State drives upto 512GB and also sport Light Peak technology (the above video shows a demo of the tech). This new technology is jointly developed by Intel and Apple, it can reportedly transfer a lot of data very fast. For starters we are talking about 10 GB/s and in the next decade Intel has plans to take it upto 100 GB/s. Light peak technology will be an Apple only at first.