2014-bound Mercedes Benz B-Class goes electric, levels up with 3-liter gas engines

The 2013 New York Auto Show has presented us with some fair amount of thrill. However, when it comes to real value being delivered, there’s nothing like the swanky new Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric drive. What the company labels as a “premium luxury” experience, the small car offers the usual quality in build that Mercedes are known for. With electrics generating over 100 kW (134 hp) of power and 310 Nm (228.5 lb.ft) of torque, the car can easily match up to a 3-liter gas engine. The car can easily pull off a 0-60 mph dash in under 10 seconds, making it one of the best performing electric cars. The lithium-ion battery powers up the car to a maximum speed of 100 mph or 160 kmph. A single charge can set you cruising for 115 miles.

Mercedes claim that the B-Class Electric car can charge via household power outlets (240 V/40 A) in under two hours to make a dash of 60 miles. The car will arrive Stateside early in 2014 and will soon be released.








[Via – Gizmag]