343 unveils Halo-themed Limited Edition Microsoft Xbox 360 console

Halo fans behold! Microsoft has just announced a swank and shiny and somewhat transparent limited edition Halo-themed Xbox 360 console, complete with enough Halo livery to leave you grinning wide. Sporting a design reminiscent of the Forerunners and the UNSC from the game and packing a semi see-through side paneling, this limited edition Halo Xbox 360 also comes with custom sound effects that play when power on the console or switch it off! Featuring an ambient blue lighting that makes this one extremely Halo-esque, the console bundle was designed by developer 343 and will come with a price tag of $399.99 with a wired headset, a copy of Halo 4, a 320GB harddrive, and exclusive downloadable content included. Scheduled to hit storeshelves by the 6th of November, the limited edition Halo controller will also be made available for $59.99 a pop.